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6 Best PC & Android Pokémon Emulators for Playing Games

6 Best PC & Android Pokémon Emulators for Playing Games. It’s a good idea to get a Pokemon emulator for PC right now and start playing Pokemon games if you enjoy them. Before we go any further, though, let’s ensure we won’t let a little Pokemon into your daily life. The Pikachu will not show up in your lunch box and eat your food. It won’t happen now.

Since emulators are just pieces of software that pretend to be game consoles, using them on a PC is not against the law. To put it another way, it’s okay. There are, however, different points of view on the matter.

To help you play Pokemon games on your computer, we’ll also share the best Pokemon emulator for PC. Now is the time to fight, catch, snap, and tour the good Pokemon area at home without bringing so many devices.

To play the Pokemon games, let’s look at the best Pokemon emulators below…

8 Best Pokémon Emulators For PC & Android To Play Pokémon Games


1. OpenEmu


OpenEmu is another front-end program that other game emulators might want to look at. Regarding recognized systems and emulation choices, this kind of emulator is very similar to RetroArchin. OpenEmu is different from all the other emulators in one way, though. What does it look like? It’s a beautiful, simple UI. The interface will tell you about iTunes if you have a Mac. One thing that the emulator does is show the box art for games. There is also a sort by platform. It comes with DeSmuMe, which lets you play Nintendo DS games.

One area for improvement is that it doesn’t have all the image choices it could have. The option to raise the internal resolution is also absent. Furthermore, this emulator includes choices for screen layout, save states, cheat code support, and more. There is support for these controllers, such as the Switch Pro, Wiimote, DualShock, and many more. This is also one of the best DS emulators for Mac.


2. DeSmuMe


Pokémon Emulators

Want to find the best free PC Pokemon emulators? The name DesMuMe is a little strange, and it’s also the worst to say. But DeSmuMe is one of the best PC games that lets you play the DS. You can get it on a lot of Windows and Mac computers. Although players may experience frame drops on their MacBook Air, especially the 2022 model, when playing the games with the highest graphics settings, this Pokemon emulator runs easily on the platforms. Ultimately, how well the game runs will depend greatly on how your PC is set up.

This emulator lets you change many things about the images and settings. A cheat code editor and support for USB controllers are two other useful features that have been added. Additionally, this emulator has a save spot function that lets you choose up where you left off in the game.

Pokemon emulators are popular among Nintendo DS users, but the open project has some issues. For instance, the project’s authors only work on it a few times a week, and the last stable update came out in 2015. There aren’t many Pokemon games available, though you can play them. Besides that, Wi-Fi mirroring is not available either.

It is still widely used today because it lets you change the graphics and works with many programs.


3. MelonDS


Melon DS is one of the best Nintendo DS emulators for playing Pokemon games on your computer. MelonDS is always ranked higher than the most popular NDS emulators, such as DesMuMe.

But MelonDS is different from DesMuMe. It needs more image and emulation options. The new OpenGL output feature lets you choose the highest resolutions even if your machine could be faster. This is made possible by the new JIT re-compiler. In this way, MeelonDS will be able to emulate quickly. In short, if you’re looking for a Pokemon emulator to play Pokemon games, this emulator might be the best option for you. The best emulator for Windows is also listed next to it.

One of MelonDS’s best features is its local Wi-Fi support for playing games with more than one person. Please note that this function is just a test run and only works with a few games. In addition, this emulator is designed with the save slot option, a few different screen layout options, and joystick support.

People continue to use this emulator for only two reasons. It has two main benefits: first, it works well at some higher levels; second, it is very accurate.


4. RetroArch

Pokémon Emulators

RetroArch is an all-in-one emulator that allows you to play the games of almost all old systems, unlike the other emulator designed to play Pokemon games. This emulator was mainly made so that other emulators could work together in one piece of software.

In this case, RetroArch has MelonDS and DesMuMe that can be used to play DNS games. Since it’s an all-in-one emulator, it can run more games, such as Atari MAME, and games for all Nintendo systems, such as NES, DS, SNES, 3DS, 64, DSi, and more.

RetroArch has an interface that looks hard at first, but it’s very simple once you start using it. However, compared to Nintendo DS emulators, RetroArch is considered to be more difficult to run the game.

When you use this Pokemon emulator, you can access several great features. Those are the choices for simulation and the main image. This way, the base quality can be raised to 4K, and effects can make the game look very different. Plus, it has extra features like support for joysticks, a choice of save slots, and different screen layout settings.

The fact that it can be problematic when it consumes more PC resources is the biggest drawback of this Pokemon emulator. The general impression is that this emulator is still one of the top PC choices.

Want to know why people employ RetroArch? People continue to use this emulator to play Pokemon for two causes. That’s the all-in-one emulator and the few games that come with it.

5 DraStic DS Emulator


People who use emulators will agree that DraStic DS Emulator is the best DS emulator for Android. Regarding features, this app is just as good as a DS emulator for your computer. This emulator is designed with save settings, device support, button mapping, and other features like many other emulators.

The internal resolution can be raised with the DraStic DS Emulator. But the only thing people expect from this emulator is a smartphone with many features. DraStic DS Emulator makes up for the fact that the smartphone screen doesn’t work the same way as the Nintendo DS by giving you six different setup choices.

A single view, stacked views, and an option to make one screen shorter than the other are all available in this kind of emulator. There is only one bad thing about this emulator: the paid version of the Android app costs $4.99. Due to the quantity of features, the price is considered acceptable.

What makes you think you’ll use the DraStic DS Emulator? To save data and speed up emulation, it is widely used in online Google Drive space.

6. Citra – Nintendo 3DS Emulator


Pokémon Emulators


To play Pokemon games on your computer, Citra is undoubtedly the best Pokemon emulator provided by Nintendo 3DS. This system could be better, but it can run some 3DS games with full images and high quality.

This emulator is very useful because it lets users set internal settings as high as 4K, which means you can play Pokemon games and The Legend of Zelda games. This emulator also has its website, with a part where you can check whether PC emulators work with Nintendo 3DS games.

Citra is a Pokemon emulator with cheat code support, joystick support, and screen layout choices, just like many other Pokemon emulators. It also has a screen recording built in. Plus, it also works like 3DS local Wi-Fi. You can then play multiplayer games with others with this emulator running.

Citra is the only emulator that operates on Android because it is available there. Citra is compatible with Android, Windows, and Linux and is one of the best emulators for playing Pokemon. People generally use this emulator since it supports online games and has a 10x internal resolution.




Overall, if you are a fan of Pokemon games, there are always some best Pokemon emulator choices you can consider using. Pick one that fits your need and preferences out of the eight options we just gave you. There are even more than one emulator you can try.

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