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10 Top YouTube Royalty-Free Music Sites Free Music Copyright

10 Top YouTube Royalty-Free Music Sites Free Music Copyright. There are many royalty-free music sites you need to know about if you want to make videos for YouTube. There is a world of difference between music that can be used in YouTube videos for free and royalty-free music. People who get free music might only let you use it if they get in trouble with copyright laws.

On the other hand, royalty-free means there are no royalties to pay. You only need to buy it once or get it for free somewhere else. You don’t have to worry about copyright problems or being charged based on how often your videos are watched if you use royalty-free music.

In this way, royalty-free music can be very important for YouTube video creators. For small content creators it may be impossible to pay for music or keep up with earnings. The videos that content creators produce must be profitable. Here is our list of royalty-free, free music sites for YouTube.

10 Top YouTube Royalty-Free Music Sites Free Music Copyright


1. EnovoMusic

EnovoMusic is the first one on our list. It makes high-quality music for online videos and ads on TV or radio at a price that most people can pay. EnovoMusic’s tracks are all royalty-free and easy to license for personal and commercial use.

For independent video producers, artists, pros, YouTubers, and companies worldwide, the site is a great and easy way to get what they need. It’s easy to tell everyone about EnovoMusic.


2. YouTube Audio Library

One of YouTube’s most popular royalty-free music libraries is the YouTube Audio Library. A lot of people use this to get their music files. You can add any sound you want to your YouTube videos immediately, or you can download them to use when you’re not online.

You can use the tracking function to narrow the tracks by genre, instrument, mood, length, and attribution. There are hundreds of royalty-free sound effects and tracks. Please credit the Artist in your video description if attribution is required.


3. Free Stock Music

Music Sites

You can get free music at Free Stock Music. Creative Commons Licenses (CC-BY) cover most of the music on this site. You are free to utilize this CC-BY music, even for commercial reasons, as long as you give proper credit to the Artist in your website projects, YouTube videos, or social media video descriptions. Each music or song page has clear advice on how to give credit to the Artist.

The free music on this site is not protected by copyright laws, which is important to note. You may need to buy a license straight from the Artist’s website, though, if you can’t or won’t give credit to the Artist. Please explore our carefully selected collection of Royalty-Free Music Playlists, whether you need royalty-free background music for your business projects or music for your day-to-day activities, be they work or play.


4. TeknoAXE Royalty Free Music

We’re proud to have a large and varied collection of music tracks at TeknoAxe. All of them are available under the Creative Commons 4.0 (CC 4.0) license. This license allows you to utilize any of our 1103 music tracks for free, which cover a wide range of genres. We are also dedicated to improving your creative experience, which is why we add new music tracks to our weekly collection, maintaining a fresh and always-evolving selection.

Whether you’re working on a site, a YouTube video, or any other creative effort, all of our music files are easily available in MP3 format, making it easy to incorporate them into your projects.

It is important to note that even though our music is provided for free, proper attribution is required when using any of our tracks. This video can be attributed in several ways, including a link to the TeknoAxe YouTube channel, pointing your viewers to our site, linking to the specific YouTube video where the music was used, or even giving a link to the exact page on our site where the video is found. While adhering to the CC 4.0 license rules, this attribution allows support the artists and creators behind the music.

TeknoAxe is where you can find a huge library of music that can help your artistic projects sound better. We ask you to explore our vast collection and realize the potential of free, high-quality music for your projects, whether you are:

  • A content creator.
  • A director.
  • A website designer.
  • Simply someone looking to improve your musical taste.


5. Machinima Sound

Music Sites

Machinima Sound is a great place to find high-quality music and sound effects for videos and other tasks. Thousands of tracks from various genres, including dramatic, electronic, rock, pop, and more, are available in their vast library.

Machine Sound’s “Legacy” collection is one of the best things about them. Creators can use these tracks for free in their videos and projects without paying any license fees. You only need to give credit to the Artist in the title or credits of your video.

If you download the tracks in MP3 file at 320kbps, they will sound good in most online video and audio projects. You can search the library by mood, sound, speed, and many other things, making it easy to find music that fits your project.

You should check out Machinima Sound’s Legacy collection if you need free, good music for your videos, podcasts, or other creative projects. Just make sure to give the artists the right attribution by including their names and the track titles. This lets them get known through your work. It’s always a good idea to check the license terms again, but the Legacy tracks are usually free for creators.


6. CCMIxter

For getting free music and audio tracks for your videos, games, and other projects, CCMixter is a great site to visit. All of the music on the site is shared under Creative Commons terms, which means the artists have permitted for other people to use their work. This is one of the best things about CCMixter.

Tracks that can be used in paid or commercial projects without paying royalties or licensing fees can be found in an area on CCMixter called “Free for Commercial Use.” This makes it easy to find music that you can use freely on games, YouTube, streaming services, and other places.

They say that their music has been used in more than a million projects on the internet so that you can trust them. You can download a track in its best MP3, OGG, or FLAC form when you find one you like.

Just make sure to give credit to the Artist by naming them in your video comments or credits. On the track page, it will say exactly how to give credit, but in general, you should include the artist’s name and song title.

CCMixter is a great place for creators to find royalty-free music for their projects because it has thousands of tracks. Gratitude to the wide range of genres and feelings, it’s easy to find the right music for your needs.

7. Synkio

It’s different from most other sites. There is a short poll when you first visit the site. This poll will be used instead of looking through a list of songs, genres, feelings, etc.. After you’re accomplished, the Synkio team will give you the results and a selection of tracks that fit your idea and your budget. The selection is matched with easy-to-understand prices for each track. You should try Synkio if you want your YouTube videos to look better and follow the rules.


8. HookSounds: Royalty Free Music

Music Sites

The music site HookSounds is one of YouTube‘s best royalty-free music sites. The music site is private and carefully chosen. It has a lot of original tracks by many great artists from around the world. HookSounds is the place to go if you’re a content maker looking for new, popular, and different music. As HookSounds tries to make unique music that you won’t be able to find anywhere else, your YouTube videos will stand out from the rest.


9. Artlist.io

They say that Artlist.io is the best royalty-free music site for YouTube out of all of them. They might not be telling the truth here. Artlist was founded in 2015 and gives content creators complete freedom. It was the first company in the music licensing business to switch to a subscription-based plan.

For a set annual price of $199, or $16.60 per month, Artist removed all restrictions from music licensing, allowing users to download and use the tracks for free. As long as your subscription is still valid, you can use any song you download for as long as you have the membership.

10. Epidemic Sound

Music Sites

Your only goal at Epidemic Sound is to give you free music tracks for your YouTube account. It’s been happening since 2009, so the outbreak is old. It was created so that artists could make music and people could use music in their work.

You must sign up for their service toto access all of the music tracks created by great Artists or creators in their database. This one is one of the best places to find free royalty music on YouTube.

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