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11 Best Sites Like Bestgore For Horror Movies

Want to find the best 2023 websites that are like Bestgore? Best Gore is a Canadian shock site that Marek started in 2008. It has raw news, scary photographs, and videos. After sharing a live murder film, Best Gore received a lot of media interest in 2012.

The site shared the work and thoughts of its users. The content of many of the best websites, like Bestgore, mentioned below, may give you headaches. You should read something else if you don’t like dreams. We told you ahead of time!

After reading our post about the most insulting websites like Bestgore, you should be able to handle reading this whole thing. Death, horrifying violence, murder (including gruesome beheadings), suicide, and other shocking topics are covered on a great number of other websites.

Filmmakers are compelled to make frightening films when the world is frightening. And sometimes they’re pretty good. Thank you for remembering that the “rankings” are just for fun. There may be something special about the best horror movies on this list that makes them must-sees if you only have a short time. But you should see every movie on this list.

What is Bestgore?

BestGore was a website that compiled all the bloody things that could be found online in one location for its users. The website was made for Gore fans and let them connect through social networks. Users of this website could comment on and share the content of both animated movies and still photographs with one another.

The website www.bestgore.com also served as a magazine, informing users about the newest gory content and making it available online. On this website, one may find films of murders, photographs of scars, pictures of fistfights, videos of people hurting themselves, and much more.

It had more than a billion users per month at the time, making it one of the most popular websites in its field, like See Gore, for horror movies. A personal account, an easy-to-use layout, and a virtual user interface are some of the best things about it.

Why BestGore.com Shut Down?

One of the most gruesome, brutal, and racist websites on the Internet is BestGore. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you may see videos of children being beheaded, as well as rape, horrifying injuries, and other hateful things.

To protect harmless residents and their families, the government has stopped and banned videos and photographs from this website that contain extremely graphic language, Gore, or violence. These websites are no longer in search results. Blocking these sites would make the Internet safer as a result. But several other websites are like BestGore.

11 Best Websites Like Bestgore

In 2023, you can watch scary, weird, and murder-themed movies on the best horror websites, like Best Gore.


1. Documentingreality

Tens of thousands of photographs and videos of real crime events worldwide can be found on the gruesome website Documenting Reality. You can find Real Medical Autopsy Photos and Videos in their area by clicking this link. Many blogs talk about autopsies, the job of a coroner, funeral homes, and other topics. One of the best websites, Bestgore, is this one.


2. theYNC.com

According to many people, one of the best internet gore websites is TheYNC.com. You might agree if you visit this location. One of the best websites, Bestgore, is this one. Several films show cruel killings, deaths, terrible accidents, and other crimes that happen in real life. They also have some of the most disturbing pictures, like the one of the Florida zombie attack victim. There are also a lot of links on this website that lead to funny websites.


3. Death Date

The ultimate gore website may be this if you take things too seriously. Who wants to know when they’re going to die? I think the program that figures out your death age takes into account how much you use drugs. The website is great. The website uses three different ways to show your death date: balanced, hopeful, and pessimistic. Pick the one that is most interesting to you. Take the date and start living your life to the fullest if you want to take it seriously.


4. Deathclock 

Have you ever thought about when you were going to die? The right location has been reached. It’s easy to find out with the Death Clock. The website uses a complicated formula to figure out your death date based on where you live, how considerably you smoke, how much alcohol you drink, and how you feel about life. Like Bestgore, this will be one of the best websites. And, of course, this death clock, no matter how advanced it is, won’t be able to tell you exactly when you will die. This is good because the thought of death may be worse than the real death. No matter what, having a general idea of when you’ll die is a little scary.


5. BME: Body Modification Ezine

From the streets of New York to the back alleys of Nanjing, tattoo art is a 21st-century subcultural trend that may be found anywhere. On the other hand, some people will do anything to turn their bodies into walk-on paintings. BME has compiled over 14,000 videos and 3.5 million photographs demonstrating how to put pins, needles, and paint on your body. It has everything you need for tattoos, scarification, and formal piercing. The website says they are a special group of people made by and for disabled people. The site’s body piercings and tattoos may be humble for those who can’t stand the sight of needles, but the tattoos and body changes aren’t far from Gore. You need to be a member to access some parts of the site.


6. The Damaged Corpse

You may not remember your childhood dolls the same way after seeing Annabelle and The Curse of Chucky. As a result, this website is just one more cut. The images convey the global message “holy creeps!” even though the site is in French. Francoise Duvivier is a creative (and scary) artist who uses collages, masks, and dolls to show her identity.


7. The Blood Factory

The music in the background is the first thing that makes you tingle. Without a doubt, the website is scary. Danny DeVito, who likes horror movies himself, is the one who brought it to you. Splattercuts, or horror shorts, are produced by The Blood Factory. One of the best websites like Bestgore in 2022 will be this one. About 16 horror movies are now available on the site. You may vote for them while watching them in the “darkened theater.” Although the site started in 2009, I’m curious to know how frequently it is changed. For all we know, it will only be a blip in the history of the Internet.

8. Goregrish.com

It’s dangerous to go to Goregrish. Many people know this as one of the scariest websites on the Internet. If you are at least 18, you can watch their large collection of frightening (uncut) videos. Some of the videos are both frightening and odd. Films about real deaths, killings (including gory beheadings), and strange romances are coming your way. This website on our list has the most ability to make people feel anxious. What a horrible and unsettling combination to read.


9. Bloody Fingernail

You’ve always wanted to write your name on the walls with blood. Now is your chance to shine. Instead of using your cut finger, you may use your mouse to leave a message on the “Flash” wall. You may email the unique message to whoever you want to frighten. This is a silly joke site, not a scary one. One of the best websites like Bestgore in 2022 will be this one.


10. Scary for Kids

It takes a lot to get an adult to believe in silly horror. On the other hand, children like them and seem to be pulled to them. Finally, here is a “horror” website for kids to finish our list. Scary for Kids is a scary website for kids. Like Bestgore, this will be one of the best websites.

11. Serial Killer

If you want to watch a silly horror movie, use the time to study some facts. In the picture above, everything is shown. See how well you can tell the difference between a code hacker and a repeat thief by taking this quiz. Also, don’t forget to check out the “More Stuff” area of the site for more ways to pass the time online.


Check to see if any frightening tales, films, or pictures also send shivers down your spine. You may watch TV with your children because I didn’t see any gore. It might work better to have a speaking workshop at night. That means all sites like bestgore, like bestgore.com.

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