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5 Best Free Online Phone Number for Receiving Text (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp)

Can I have a phone number for text-receiving code proof online? Anything is possible! Now you have to believe that. If you can believe it, you can use as many numbers as you want to send and receive texts without becoming known. Who is the real buyer in this case? When you receive some proof text messages, using an online phone number can be very helpful. You can keep your real phone number and your privacy with this method.

You’ll be able to get a private virtual online phone number to receive texts (for account proof) in this piece. Your real number won’t appear; only this kind of number will. Your phone may ring with the virtual online phone number to let you know you have a call, but it is not your real number. Your real phone number will never be visible to anyone who calls your online virtual phone call.

The following is a list of the best and most popular online services that offer virtual phone numbers. People think they’re great for both business and home use. Please don’t leave the page until you’ve finished reading it.

5 Best Free Online Phone Number for Receiving Text (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp)



Using the SMS MAN service is a good option if you want to register for Instagram or any other famous network. People who use the coupon code “keyfree” can get the number for free. Registering with the service is all you need to do.
For over 2,000 services, SMS MAN enables you to receive SMS from almost any country.
SMS MAN makes getting a fake phone number easy for any service.

There is always an online chat on their website if you need help. They have great customer service. They also write a lot of guides that can help you verify any app.

2. Burner App Get A Free Phone Number

Online Phone Number


Burner was the first major service to offer a virtual online phone number for receiving texts. The “Original second phone number app” is another name for it. Making calls, sending and receiving texts, and taking pictures is easy.

You can choose from various options to obtain a virtual phone number through this service. One is signing up for a plan that lets you make as many calls, texts, and picture messages as possible. For example, you can pay $4.99 and get the four basic Burners, which will give you 150 text messages and 50 ring call minutes. Most of the time, the number will no longer work after 30 days.

You can also buy a Mini Burner that offers 60 text messages and 20 ring call minutes within 14 days of expiration. Most people like Burner because it only shows the Burner number, blocks spam calls, sends picture messages, and forwards calls to another number.


3. Google Voice

Online Phone Number


For the second service, Google Voice, you can get a virtual phone number to use online. You can offer different phone numbers on Google Voice for free. You can get the number you want along with this number to call, send a text, and receive and send texts.

You can utilize Google Voice on both your computer and your phone. This means this service is easy to use on your PC and cell phone. Doesn’t it bend?

It would help if you remembered that Google Voice is a good service because it never turns off. It comes with both voice mail and call screening. Using a phone number to receive text calls with Google Voice lets you filter spam messages instantly.

4. Vumber, get a phone number for your business


Are you looking for an online phone number in Australia for receiving texts? Now you can think about Vumber, another service to get a virtual phone number online. You can use it for free for two weeks. You can call or text the numbers that Vumber gives you right away. Any area code will give you as many numbers as you want. So, you can use both a local number and a number from somewhere else.

Your phone will ring when you accept a call or text message, just like a regular call or text. However, you can keep your real number since only your Vumber virtual number will appear.

No, Vumber is not free but offers a 14-day sample. The prices for the plans you can choose from will be given to you separately. No matter how many minutes you want, the price is much the same.


5. Virtual Phone

Online Phone Number


Are you looking for a virtual phone number for receiving text messages that can also receive faxes? You can take the Virtual Phone. This kind of service is great because it has so many options, including local and toll-free numbers for more than 120 countries, as well as features like the ability to record a call, send and receive notes, set call times, voice mails, IVR, fax, call transfer, and more.

In addition, compared to the other services, Virtual Phone is very easy to set up. You can use the virtual number this Virtual Phone service gives you through your phone app from anywhere, just like a real number.

Fortunately, this offer includes a virtual call service number for life and 100 texts or call minutes per month. You can pay for more minutes; texts after the first 100 are free.



Like other services that offer online phone numbers for receiving texts, Tossable Digits lets you set up calling rules, forward calls, record calls for free, and have full control over caller ID and call screening. Although this one doesn’t offer a free number, if you pay for this ring service, you can get more than you want.

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