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10 of the best sites like DisneyNOW to watch cartoons online

We all love DisneyNOW, but sometimes we want something different. We might want to stream our favorite cartoons in a new way, or we might want to watch something else. No matter what the reason is, there are many great alternatives to DisneyNOW that you can choose from.

This piece’ll look at 10 of the best DisneyNOW alternatives for streaming cartoons online. Each platform has features that make it a good choice for some people. In other words, let’s start right away!

10 Best DisneyNOW Alternatives For Streaming Cartoons Online

If you like Disney cartoons, you may already know about DisneyNOW. There are, however, a few other alternatives that offer a comparable experience. We’ll look at 10 of the best DisneyNOW alternatives for streaming cartoons online in this blog post:

1. Netflix

A lot of people use Netflix, which is one of the best-known and most famous streaming services. It offers a combination of TV shows, movies, and specials, including many well-known cartoons. For those looking for DisneyNOW alternatives, Netflix has a great collection of old and new cartoons, making it a great choice.


2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is a great alternative to DisneyNOW for streaming cartoons online. You can watch many movies and TV shows, including many popular cartoons, with Prime Video. Various platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku support Prime Video. You can also use your computer or phone to watch Prime Video. To watch Prime Video, you need to be a Prime user.

3. Hulu

It is an online video streaming service that offers a massive library of movies and TV shows, including many cartoons. You can watch Hulu for free, but there will be ads. If you sign up for Hulu Plus, you can watch without ads. Hulu also lets you watch live TV, and some channels offering this service show cartoons.


4. HBO Max

HBO Max is a great alternative to DisneyNOW for those who want to watch more cartoons. It offers a huge selection of cartoons from Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Warner Bros. Animation, in addition to HBO’s extensive library of movies and TV shows. You can find something you like on HBO Max, so if you want an alternative to DisneyNOW, you should try it.


5. Sling TV

You can access your favorite channels for a monthly fee through Sling TV, a live TV streaming service. They offer an alternative to cable or satellite TV; you can watch them on your computer, TV, or phone. On top of that, you can pay extra to add channels like ESPN or Disney.

One of the best alternatives to DisneyNOW is Sling TV, which is cheap, doesn’t tie you down, and lets you watch in many different ways. You can also pay extra to add channels like Disney or ESPN.


6. CBS All Access

CBS All Access is a streaming service in the United States put on by CBS Interactive. It has original content, shown on CBS’s TV networks, and content from CBS’s huge library. You can watch all of this live or whenever you want. Various well-known shows, including The Twilight Zone, Star Trek: Discovery, and The Good Fight, are available to stream. The first plan costs $5.99 a month.

7. YouTube TV

Because it offers a variety of channels, including many that would interest kids and families, YouTube TV is a great alternative for DisneyNOW. In addition, YouTube TV has an endless DVR storage tool that lets you record and save your best shows to watch later. Lastly, YouTube TV plans start at just $40 a month, making it a fairly cheap way to stream video content online.

8. Apple TV+

It is a streaming service that features unique content from Apple. No matter what age, the shows on this platform are all good for the whole family. A lot of well-known titles are offered, like “Ghostwriter,” “Snoopy in Space,” and “Helpster.” Additionally, the platform offers a free demo that lasts for seven days.

9. AT&T TV Now

It is one of the best alternatives to DisneyNOW for streaming cartoons online. AT&T TV Now offers a combination of channels, including many that broadcast cartoons, like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon. For those who want to watch more than just cartoons, AT&T TV Now also offers a variety of other channels, making it a great choice. AT&T TV Now also presents a variety of features, like DVR and on-demand, making it a great choice for people who want to watch their favorite cartoons whenever they want.


10. Toonova

Toonova is a website where people can watch cartoons online. For instantly accessing almost any cartoon type, they offer a fast stream.

Toonova is an online streaming service that offers users a quick stream to access almost any video type instantly. Toonova has a lot of content to offer from many different channels, including Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and more. With its simple layout and easy-to-use interface, the site makes it simple to find what you’re looking for.

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