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7 Best Free Discord Bots for Server Strength

Due to the large number of Discord bots, each bot has its features, making it hard to compile a checklist of the best Discord bots. Each of them must be different and have its pros and cons. Because of this, you should read each of the discord bots reviews we’re about to give you very carefully. To find the one that’s best for you, find any important facts.

In this piece, we will examine the seven best Discord bots. Let’s begin right away!

7 Best Free Discord Bots for Server Strength

1. Mee6

Discord Bots

What does Mee6 mean? Mee6 is the best Discord bot, according to reviews. It’s simple but has all the features you could want, like custom orders, moderation, leveling, twitch, YouTube, Reddit, and more.

The ability to easily create custom orders is the first reason Discord users should think about Mee6. Mee6 gives you full control, so you can give orders however you want. A message will be sent in the recent chat or DM if orders are created here, which will also automatically give or leave roles.

Second, Mee6 gives users welcome texts and auto-role, both great features. This feature will help new players learn about the server’s rules and recent events. You can also optimize this feature to greet them warmly as soon as they join Mee6.

Mee6 is another kind of Discord Bot with levels and XP in your Discord server. As we all know, fans love to grind. Use this leveling system to find the most involved members of your group and thank them. Get completed with the cool rank card that you can change.

To protect the server from trolls and goblins, Mee6’s highly customizable moderation was designed. You should know that the internet can be bad. So, the server needs to be kept safe from ads, spam, too many emojis, and bad language.

Last but not least, Mee6 has feature alerts for Twitch, YouTube, and Reddit Discord. When there are live Twitch streams, new movies on YouTube, or new posts in a group, the server will be notified using this feature.

2. Dynobot

Discord Bots

Dynobot: Have you ever used it? If not, read the rest of this review and find out why Dynobot is one of the best Discord Bots. This one has moderation, a web panel, a music player, and many more features. The mod logs, timed mutes, and bans finish off the moderation. It also comes with totally customizable auto-moderation or anti-spam.

You can set the web dashboard and turn it off, in addition to the web dashboard. This is the most feature-packed Discord Bot you’ll ever see. And Dynobot’s music player has more than just the playlist. It also has DJ roles, auto roles, custom orders, messages, AFK state, alerts, Joinable ranks, and more.

You can optimize the Discord Bot’s functionality thanks to the simple, adjustable, and easy features of Dynobot.


3. Pokecord

From the list, Pokecord is the next best Discord bot you should be familiar with. It is designed so that you can catch Pokémon, train them, and fight them while chatting with your friends in Discord. This Discord bot is recommendable for several reasons.

It will first bring the Pokémon to Discord. If a Pokémon shows up on the server by chance, Pokecord will let users catch it. The Pokémon can then be taught, sent into battle, and sold to finish the collection. You only need to add the bot to your server in this case.

In conclusion, Pokecord lets you catch, battle, and collect Pokémon without limitations. In Pokémon GO, you can compete with your friends to be the fastest player to catch the Pokémon that show on your server and add it to your collection.

By leveling up your Pokémon, you can later bring it into battle against your friends. You’ll get more XP as well as shop points. There is no limitation on the number of Pokémon you can catch, battle, and collect. Get all of them.


4. Mudae

Mudae is the next best Discord bot you should look into. You can use 20,000 cartoon or game characters to claim and compete with. You can also catch Pokémon and play the original online games. Yes, just like the other Discord Bots, Mudae has many features.

Some features are the original online word games, the anime lines, the ability to change the countdowns, and the fight with your characters in multiple games. Mudae lets you claim more than 20,000 waifus and husbandos on your server. There are anime, manga, video games, and books that all of them are based on.


5. Café

Café is another Discord Bot to think about. As an idle game or cookie clicker, it has a menu and an online scoreboard that you can choose to use. It has a lot of cool things and upgrades that will make you want to play. Café offers full features and a Discord game bot that keeps adding features.

The following are some reasons why a café is important and recommendable:

  • It can work in different ways even when you’re not in Discord. You can leave your gadget alone for a few hours. You’re not on your PC, but the game continues.
  • Along with the special changes, there are more than 30 things to choose from. That way, you’ll never get tired of playing the game. You’ll always have a lot of ideas because you can unlock new ones.
  • You can work with friends thanks to the smart team system. So, all you have to do is use advanced permissions, invite the code system, keep a thorough log, and be in charge of the group.
  • Café gives users personalized accounts and an online panel that makes it easy to make changes because the process has been sped up and made simpler for them.


6. Birb

Discord Bots

Could you think about Birb? What’s the harm? The Discord Bot Birb is one of the new ones made in 2016. It gives users a lot of useful features and choices that are well-made. There are now about 9000 guilds or servers and 145 thousand users.

You should use Birb for a few reasons. Well, Birb is online 99.99% of the time. It’s possible to join and leave a message along with the comments. Birb also lets you talk to people in a lot of different languages. It also lets you do many fun things, like posting the random dog, cat, and bill.

The ability to find anime and manga is provided by Birb, one of the best Discord game bots, also linked with the other bots. What if you begin to Birb?


7. Donate Bot

Donate Bot is one of the best Discord bots for selling jobs and accepting payments on your server. This Discord bot has already given away more than $10,000, as indicated by its name. Additionally, it will bring the funds to your PayPal account. Because all you need is a Discord server, using this type of bot won’t require you to know how to code. That simple.

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