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11 Best 2023 Android Volume Booster Apps

When purchasing a new Android smartphone, we frequently don’t pay attention to the sound or Volume. But you can only enjoy your favorite song, video, or game with good sound.

The fact that many Android smartphones need to be louder is a problem we frequently encounter when trying to play music or watch videos. We frequently think about purchasing a new smartphone or a better headset because of this.

But purchasing a new smartphone or headset to get better sound isn’t a good idea. Instead, it would be best if you used some apps to boost Android volume before choosing.

11 Best Volume Booster Apps For Android


There are a few volume booster apps for Android that work. Most of them are equalizers that let you play with the sound levels to get better sound. Here are some of the best volume booster apps for Android.

Playing sounds that are very loud and attending to them at high volumes for a long time can hurt both speakers and hearing. Reduce the Volume if you want to make sure the audio is good. Many users have said that their speakers and headphones broke. So, make sure you use these apps at your own risk.

1. Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

The other apps in the article differ slightly from the Volume Booster GOODEV. The application only takes up a little space and is comfortable to use. It’s a free app that declares to enable the sound Volume of your speakers or headphones. It accomplishes this by changing some system files.

Volume Booster GOODEV, on the other hand, doesn’t work on Android 4.2 devices. Also, very few users have said that their speakers or headphones broke. So, make sure you use this app at your own risk.
The VLC app for Android

2. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

VLC, a popular desktop video player app, is now available for Android. The good thing about VLC for Android is that it can play almost every type of video file.

The fact that it lets you increase the sound output to the highest amount is even more important. But turning the sound past the normal amount could damage the speakers or your ears.

3. Precise Volume

Precise Volume

Precise Volume might be the most suitable option if you want a full-featured hub for controlling the Volume on your Android device.

What’s that? Precise Volume allows you use 100 different volume levels instead of Android’s 15 steps. It connects safely to your device’s audio system to give you more methods to control the Volume.

4. Equalizer FX

Equalizer FX

Try Equalizer FX if you want to improve the sound quality from your Android device. It’s one of the best equalizer apps for Android tablets.

Equalizer FX lets you change the sound effect levels to get the most out of your music. To enhance the sound quality, Equalizer FX, by default, offers 12 presets. This app is even more interesting because you can make your sound presets.

5. Viper4Android

Viper4Android might be the best option if you have a rooted Android smartphone. What’s that? To apply sound filters to the whole system, Viper4Android needs to get full access. With that, any Android app you use will have improved sound effects.

Viper4Android has a segment called “extra Loud mode,” which has strength ranges from “Slight” to “Extreme.” Not only that, but Viper4Android also offers a few Speaker tuning choices to help you achieve better sound from your phone’s Speaker.

6. Super High Volume Booster

Super High Volume Booster

This app is very famous on the Google Play Store, but people ought to learn how it works. Although it claims to be able to increase Volume with just one click, the Google Play Store page doesn’t say how.

Users cannot adjust audio tones using the app’s Equalizer. Many users, though, have said that it makes the sound worse. Since the app creator has yet to say how it works, it’s best to use it on an old device.

7. Volume Booster PRO

Volume Booster PRO

This app claims to increase the Volume of all music files, such as video game sounds, music sounds, etc. If that wasn’t sufficiently for you, the app also claims to increase the Volume of all system sounds, such as messages, alerts, etc.

The app works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices, and it is the best volume booster smartphone available right now.

8. Super Loud Volume Booster

Super Loud Volume Booster

Actually though the Google Play Store page for the Super Loud Volume Booster app doesn’t tell much about it, it always works. The app is now utilized by millions of smartphone users worldwide, and it takes up less than 10MB of room on your smartphone to run.

Instead of changing the system settings, you can adjust your soundtracks with Super Loud Volume Booster to get the best results. The app is simple to use and could help boost the speakers on your smartphone.

9. Speaker Boost

Speaker Boost

Every other app in the article is different from this one. Rather of relying on Equalizer and sound profile, it increases the sound volume by eliminating noise that gets in the way.

Speaker Boost also offers a booster for music. The Android app performs on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones.

10. Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier

Well, Google’s Sound Amplifier is another of the best volume booster apps you can use now. The app only uses headphones to enhance the audio from your Android device.

Sound Amplifier’s main roles are to boost quiet and lower loud sounds, make the hearing experience more personal, and lower annoying or disturbing sounds.

11. BlackPlayer


BlackPlayer is an app for Android smartphones that plays music and looks good. The Android music player app can be changed in many ways, runs smoothly, and has a current, simple material style.

This one is on our list because it has a 5 Band Equalizer with many presets. You get presets for BassBoost, 3D surround virtualize, amplifier, etc.

To achieve better sound, you can play with the Equalizer settings. The app also lets you change the ID3 tags, the music player’s theme, add tools to control the music, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do sound booster apps really work?

Not all sound booster apps in the Google Play Store work. Some are useless and send you a lot of ads. But the one that lets you change how the equalizer works is right.

Is volume boost safe?

It’s safe to use volume booster apps, but listening to loud sounds all the time can damage your ears. So, it’s best to turn up the sound Volume sparingly.

Can volume booster damage speakers?

Volume booster apps for Android don’t damage the speakers; they make the most of the speakers on your phone. But if an app changes how much power the Speaker can handle, it can burn or melt the driver coil and damage it.

How can I make my phone speakers loud?

You can make your phone’s speakers louder by using sound booster apps. You can link your phone to an external speaker if you don’t want to use third-party apps.

So, these are the best Android apps you can use right now to boost the Volume. Tell us about other apps like these in the comment section below. This article was helpful! Please tell your friends about it too.

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