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6 The Best Vision Board Apps in 2023

6 The Best Vision Board Apps in 2023. Sometimes, it can feel like your goals are just out of reach, especially if you still need to set clear markers for what you want and when you’ll have reached it. Vision boards can aid in finding a solution to this problem.

Images or words that are relevant to the goals you want to reach are compiled on vision boards. It can be a huge encouraging boost to take the time to create a vision board and look at it when you need inspiration.

Many mobile apps make it easy to make an online vision board if you want to save time by putting together a real one.

You can find pictures, create affirmation statements that align with your goals, and do other cool things with these apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Check out our picks for the best apps to create vision board goals and start working on your long-term vision!

1. Why Vision Board

You are opening the Why Vision Board app for the first time will walk you through creating your first vision board by choosing pictures and writing your goal affirmations. Also You can add any affirmations and as many pictures as you want. You can scroll through your board in three different ways after you create it: with images and affirmations, just images, and just affirmations.

Your board can also be changed by adding more images or life goals, changing the title, and you can set alerts, or shuffling your board. The app tracks how many days you look at your vision board, both in a row and together. It’s all free, which is great.

2. Vision Board

This app has many great features but only a few easy vision board functions. You can use this app to set pictures for each type of goal, a due date to finish the goal and a description for the picture. As images, you can share anything from your camera roll.

You can pay $2.99 a week, $5.99 a month, or $29.99 a year for the paid version of the app if you want even more features. You can create an endless number of vision boards, get rid of the ads, make your affirmations, and change the style of your vision board app when you upgrade.

3. Horizons

You can create numerous vision boards for various aspects of your dream life using the features packed into this app. The app will walk you through how to create your first board. After that, you can add as many pictures or lines of text as you like. The app will also add some beautiful quotes for you to read.

You can see all of your boards on the main screen and choose between two ways. There are four different ways to look at the vision boards. There is a journal on each vision board so you can write down ideas. For an extra $4.99, you can also “upgrade” the app to get endless vision boards and photos and text files.

4. Sparkello

 Vision Board

What do you want to make a vision board for? Sparkello is a great app for that. You can look up goal inspiration to follow in the app’s section. You can react to ideas and read or create posts, giving the app a social media feel. Also You can create your board by adding your goal and selecting a picture using the app’s Dreams feature.

Sparkello is a fantastic free app if you want more social networking features and inspiration for your goals.

5. Dreamer

 Vision Board

To make your vision boards work for you, Dreamer is beautifully made. You can arrange the images however you like, add comments to the images, and mark achieved goals when you create one. One great thing about the Dreamer app is that you can add the exact steps you need to take to reach each goal and alerts. This can make big dreams feel closer to reach.

The app also has a journal and a tool for making affirmations. If you pay for the paid version of the app, you can bring even more features, such as an endless number of vision boards and a huge library of images. You can pay $15.99 once and have access for life, or you can join for $4.99 a month and try it out for free for seven days.

6. Perfectly Happy

 Vision Board


Perfectly Happy is an app with many features to assist you reach your goals and trust the process. You can create a vision board movie by selecting images from the app or your own, writing goals and affirmations, and adding music. If you want to help yourself think happily, you can find a section with affirmations and inspiring words. A thanks journal and a mood journal are also included in a section for writing in a journal.

With the free version, you can only create one vision board film, but you can upgrade for $10.99 a month or $58.99 a year to view hundreds of vision boards, create infinite vision boards, and use the gratitude journal.

Reach Your Goals With These Apps

Because what we see daily tends to become what we think about most, vision boards are effective tools for creating and following goals. You can always have them with you to look at whenever you feel like it by using digital instead of traditional vision boards. That’s exactly what these best vision board apps are for.

Do you like making vision boards to help you reach your goals? Post your answer below.

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