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Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On? How to Fix It

Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On? How to Fix It. The Android mobile operating system has changed a lot in the past few years. Now, its appeal is through the roof. The fact that it is so famous is that it gives users a lot of ways to change it.

But, like every other mobile operating system, Android has some bugs and mistakes. A strange error was found to happen to a few Android users recently. According to some users, Android‘s “Unknown Source” choice is reportedly turning on by itself.

Additionally, users have reported that after directly turning off “Unknown Sources” in the settings, the choice turns back on in about 30 minutes. So, if you are also going through something strange, you are in the right place.

Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On? Here’s How To Fix The Problem

In this piece, we’ll discuss a few of the best methods for fixing the problem that Unknown Sources keep turning on. So, let’s check out how to fix the problem where Unknown Sources keeps turning on on Android.

1. Restart Your Android Smartphone

Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On
Restart your Android smartphone

A simple restart can sometimes fix hard-to-solve problems with hardware or software. So, before trying the following methods, be sure to restart the Android smartphone to check if the problem is still there. So, close all open apps and restart your Android smartphone. Once you’re done, use it for a while and check to see if the Unknown Sources is turning. If it’s turning on, try the methods below.

2. Install Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is one of the best protection tools for Windows and Android operating systems. Malwarebytes is great because it checks the system and removes any harmful files it finds. Therefore, Malwarebytes will identify and eliminate the cause if the Unknown Sources choice is turned on due to malware or destructive files. Go to the Google Play Store and type “Malwarebytes” into the search bar. There, you can download and set up the app. Scan your Android smartphone for harmful files after you’ve downloaded the app. Check to see if the problem still exists after you restart your computer.

3. Reboot Into the Safe Mode

Unknown Sources Keeps Turning On
Reboot Into the Safe Mode

Android mobile operating system users can restart their smartphone into safe mode, just like they can on a Windows computer. Rebooting into safe mode will turn off all apps except those running the system. As a result, the problem will only show up Safely if the Unknown Sources choice is turned on by itself due to some apps.

You must search the Internet for your device’s safe mode key combination because it changes from device to device. Samsung and Pixel smartphone users must press and hold the Power button. Tap and hold the “power off” button in the Power menu. Tap on “Ok” to proceed when you see the word “Reboot to safe mode.”

Use your smartphone to see if “Unknown Sources” turns on after entering safe mode. Suppose it doesn’t check the apps you have loaded.

4. Wipe Cache Partition On Android

Android’s system cache section is where short-term system info is kept. This cache file makes it faster for the Android system to get to the apps and games. But if the cache gets old, it can make a lot of problems happen. “Unknown Sources Keeps turning on” is one of these problems. In this way, we’ll clear the Android cache folder.

Wipe Cache Partition On Android
Wipe Cache Partition On Android

On their Android smartphone, users must first enter Recovery mode. To enter the rescue mode, press and keep the Power button, the home button, and the volume up button at the same time. If the key combination doesn’t work on your device, you need to search the Internet for your device’s key combination.

Utilize the volume down button to choose “Wipe Cache Partition” in Recovery mode. Press the Power key and wait until the choice to “Reboot system now” appears before choosing it. So, that’s how you can delete the cache folder on Android to fix the problem with Unknown Sources turning on by itself.

So, these are the four best methods to fix the problem of Unknown Sources turning on by itself. Tell us in the comment box below if you know of any additional techniques to correct the problem.

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