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Top Free iOS Emulator For PC You Must Try

Few individuals know that several best iOS emulator options for PC are useful for your IT needs. It would be best to accept that iOS software is the best for tight and safe protection with the least virus possibilities. Not to mention that operating system security and user privacy is extremely tight and secure. Nevertheless, such a safeguard also makes the operating system unique, which means it cannot be operated or run by various devices with different operating systems. It’s good that we know some of the best and most convenient iOS emulator options for your PC. What is the goal? After installing the emulator on your PC, it may act and run like an iOS device. You can open and run apps on your iOS device and PC.

Best Free iOS Emulator For PC You Must Try

The best Free iOS Emulator For PC will be included in this post. But first, let’s look at the best Free iOS Emulator For PC.

1. Smartface

iOS Emulator

Smartface iOS emulator is a special app built and directed toward developers. If you have it, try the app’s useful features and uses. Using the emulator is easy, especially if you’re considering developing Android or iOS on your (Windows) computer. The software employs Cross-Platform technology to develop apps, allowing you to test your app across many screen resolutions. The amazing thing about the software is that it works as a debugger (for iOS and Android) on the Windows operating system. The app itself is simple and clean. Therefore, it is better suited for app testing and development. Nonetheless, experiment with the app’s other features and functionalities.

2. iPhone Simulator

iOS Emulator

Need to avoid dealing with a perplexing user interface or system? You may use this software to make iPhone apps and games run on your PC. You may expect amazing graphics because the software is focused on running and playing games. Be mindful of certain drawbacks, though. It lacks several important features that would make your professional time worthwhile. Nonetheless, this software is an excellent choice if you want to increase your gaming experience. Among the best features are high-quality visuals and an amazing user experience identical to the iPhone. This software is the best option to experience superb gaming performance.

3. iPadian

iOS Emulator

This is not only one of the most popular emulators ever made but also widely regarded as one of the best iOS emulators for PC. It is named iPadian because of its simple, clean, and easy user interface that resembles the iPad. And how do you operate it? First, you need to install it, and you’re done! After that, you can easily manage and run it. But remember that it isn’t a full-fledged emulator; it just stimulates iOS function and interface on your PC. The emulator cannot run and operate all apps. However, it has a native store where you may select from various apps tailored to your specific needs. However, while iPadian is designed within the platform, it requires Adobe Air (on your PC) to run easily and well. You’ll love the simple and clean UI, making you feel like you’re operating an iPad. It provides a sense of clarity, ease, and confidence. Also, you can use a little power to make it run. And it can run apps and even play games without issue. You may also download additional useful apps for your professional, personal, and leisure requirements through its app store.

4. Air iPhone Emulator

Use this emulator if you are familiar with Adobe Air Framework. If you are, you know Adobe Air has excellent design and performance. Essentially, the emulator generates a virtual screen (on the PC) that appears like the iPhone screen. Doing so would be incredibly simple and easy to operate and manage the software. What about the installation? It’s an absolute no-brainer. Feel free to download the emulator and then install it using Adobe Air. You are now ready to go! The mixture of easy installation, Adobe Air operation, and amazing speed make this the best iOS software for PC to have on your computer. If you follow the instructions exactly, you should be able to run and operate the software without any problems. Believe me; you’ll love the easy and efficient sense of having an iPhone on your PC. It’s one-of-a-kind!

5. Xamarin TestFlight

This emulator may appeal to sophisticated IT users or hobbyists. This is the official software used to evaluate Windows Apps so you can be certain of their quality and durability. However, keep in mind that operating this app may be complex (even overwhelming) for novice users. As a result, I stated that this app is best suited for sophisticated users. You may need some time to get the hang of it, but you’ll be passionately in love with this app once you do. This is why the app is better suited for professional (app) developers; however, everyone is welcome to test it out. Just give it a gentle prodding to test if you want to. The app only operates on higher operating systems, compatible with iOS 8.0 and higher, so make sure your system matches all requirements.

6. iMame

This emulator is focused on running professional gaming operations, similar to the previous one. But, it is a particular emulator without app development or testing features. The operation is straightforward, so you shouldn’t have trouble running it. Its primary function is to allow PC users to run (iPhone) apps. It works perfectly due to its small size and efficient operation without creating any mess. Any ordinary computer can use and load the games without breaking a sweat. The focused operation for gaming is something to love about the emulator. The UI is clean and simple, making it easy to get the hang of it for the first time. And it doesn’t use much power or resources, which is quite astounding. Unsurprisingly, users love this software’s efficiency while maintaining performance and quality.


What’s An iOS Emulator?

What exactly is an emulator? It is software that allows one computer system to run, behave, and operate like another. For example, your PC is running Windows, as mentioned in the preceding section. But, when you install the iOS emulator, it will behave like an iOS device, allowing you to run all iOS apps on your PC. This action is considered efficient and beneficial since it allows systems and various operating systems to sync and function together. It’s cool, huh? We currently have lists of the best iOS emulator for PC that are worth checking out.

Are iOS Emulators Legal?

iOS emulators enable you to run iOS apps on Windows PC or legal Linux. Therefore, you should not be concerned because this is legal for testing app development.


Here are some contenders for the best iOS emulator for PC. It is now your time to choose which emulator you want.

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