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Guide On How To Disable Bixby On Samsung Galaxy Phone?

Bixby is Samsung’s intelligent virtual assistant, available on all its contemporary devices. Some individuals find the assistant beneficial, while others wish to disable and remove Bixby entirely. We’ll teach you how to turn off Bixby and its features, including Bixby Voice and Bixby Vision. If your phone has a Bixby button, we’ll show you how to remap it to perform something different.

What’s Bixby?

Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are all examples of virtual assistants. Similarly, Bixby is Samsung’s virtual assistant that comes pre-installed on all Galaxy smart devices and has been available since the Galaxy S8 introduction in 2017. Bixby assists you with things on your device, such as phoning people, scheduling calendar events, and surfing the web. In addition, the assistant works with various aspects of the One UI software. While the assistant is handy in many situations, some Samsung customers believe it is unnecessary to have it on their Galaxy device because it already has Google Assistant pre-installed. If you’re one of these people, you may disable Bixby on your phone by following the instructions below.

How To Disable Bixby On Samsung Phone?

You must first perform two things before you can disable Bixby. To begin, ensure your Galaxy device is up to date to avoid inconsistencies in system navigation; to check for available updates, navigate to Settings > Software update > Download and install. Second, erase any recorded voice wake-up recordings that assist Bixby in responding to your voice when you speak the hotword “Hi Bixby” and disable its speech recognition. To do so, follow the instructions below.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Bixby Voice > Bixby Voice Settings.
  • To respond to my voice, tap Voice wake-up and then tap OK.
  • Tap Delete voice wake-up recordings, then tap Delete again to confirm.
  • Toggle Voice wake-up by going back.

Disable Bixby

Disable Bixby

Bixby has lost track of your voice and will not respond when you utter the hotword. Now, let’s look at how you may permanently disable it. To turn off Bixby, follow these instructions.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps > Bixby Voice > Bixby Voice Settings.
  • Next, scroll down and tap Leave Bixby once again, then OK.
  • To make sure Bixby doesn’t turn itself on again in the future, go back to its app details page and tap Storage > Clear data > Delete. Then select Disable > Disable app.

Disable Bixby

Bixby Voice on your Galaxy device has now been disabled.

Note: Because Bixby is a system app, it cannot be removed from your Samsung phone; it can only be disabled or hidden. Leaving Bixby entails disabling the service and erasing any personal data related to it. If you want to use Bixby again, you can activate it later.

How To Hide Bixby App From Apps Screen?

Because Bixby is a system app, disabling it may cause other Samsung services to stop operating or crash. If you’re experiencing the same issue, you may hide it instead of disabling the Bixby app. Follow these instructions to hide apps from your Apps screen, often known as the app drawer.

  • Hide apps on the Home and Apps displays by going to Settings > Home screen.
  • Bixby and Bixby Vision should be selected from the list.

Bixby Vision is Samsung’s answer to Google Lens, the image recognition tool built into the Google app and Google Photos.

  • To confirm, tap Done.

Disable Bixby

Your phone’s Bixby and Bixby Vision apps are now hidden.

How To Disable Bixby Side Key Shortcut?

On Samsung phones, holding the power button (the side key) launches Bixby by default. This is inconvenient since the power button should be used to access the power-off menu, not to call a voice assistant. Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key to disable Bixby from waking up. Then, tap the Power off menu under Press and Hold.

Holding the power button will now bring up the power-off menu, from which you may power down or restart your device and activate the emergency mode. Therefore, one of the first things you should do when configuring your Samsung phone is this.

How To Remap Bixby Button On Older Galaxy Phones?

Older Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy S8, S9, S10, Note 8, and Note 9, featured a physical button for starting Bixby, which users disliked. If you possess one of these models, you can remap the button to do anything differently if you don’t want Bixby to appear. Let’s see how we can achieve it. Please note that the following instructions only apply to older Galaxy devices with a dedicated Bixby button.

  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced options > Bixby key.

If you still need to log into your Samsung account, you must do so before you may alter the settings here. If this is the case, there’ll be a Get Started button at the top that you must tap. Return to the settings screen after completing the process.

  • Double-tap to launch Bixby. While this does not disable the button, it does reduce the likelihood of accidentally activating Bixby.
  • Tap Use a single press to remap the Bixby button to another function.
  • Then, choose the Open app or Run the quick command by sliding the toggle at the top to On. Then, choose your preferred app or action.

How To Disable Bixby Home/Samsung Daily/Samsung Free?

A Samsung Free panel may be on your home screen’s left. If you don’t have the most recent Samsung device or One UI upgrade, it may be called Samsung Daily or Bixby Home. The panel, whatever it’s called, serves as a feed aggregator. It displays cards from many apps and services. You can disable the panel (called media page) if you never glance at it so you don’t mistakenly swipe across to it. To accomplish this, navigate to Settings > Home screen > Add media page to Home screen and toggle it off. Alternatively, instead of disabling the function, you may choose Google Discover.


While Samsung phones offer beautiful designs and user interfaces, many consider Bixby a poor substitute for Google Assistant. Nevertheless, as Samsung continues to expand its capabilities and make it more useful, you should give Bixby another go. Check out some crucial methods to personalize your Samsung phone to make it even better and more customized to your requirements.

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