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Top SEO WordPress Plugins You Must Try

What are the best SEO WordPress plugins? And why do you require them? Since its original release in 2003, WordPress has become a popular PHP-based CMS. Throughout its 16 years of operation, WordPress has been used by over 60 million websites worldwide, including 33.6% of the top 10 million websites as of April 2019. The rivalry is fierce on the internet since so many people and businesses exist. To get an advantage over your competition, you must improve your SEO skills. The best SEO plugins for WordPress are necessary to improve SEO. WordPress plugins are listed below.

Best SEO WordPress Plugins You Must Try

The best SEO WordPress Plugins will be included in this post. But first, let’s look at the best SEO WordPress Plugins.

1. Yoast SEO

SEO WordPress Plugins

The best SEO plugin is available. Since its introduction in 2008, it has been regarded as the ‘first’ SEO plugin for WordPress. Millions of users use it every day. Yoast SEO will improve your sites to reach the top of the rank. Yoast SEO not only helps website owners but also search engine crawlers. This plugin has many features, so learning them all will be worth your time. Not only will your sites be ranked higher, but you will also be able to avoid errors that may result in a Google penalty.

Yoast SEO can easily configure every aspect of your website. You will have complete control over everything, from the homepage to the smallest detail. The plugin will provide you with as explicit instructions as possible directly on the WordPress site. If you’re a beginner, don’t be concerned about the premium version. The plugin has earned a reputation as the best SEO WordPress plugin for everyone. You will, however, receive a lot more from the plugins with paid features.

The plugin is generally decent. We are confident that every user will be pleased with the plugin. The premium function is available for people who want their businesses to grow even more. The Yoast team is easily accessible via the WordPress.org forums or email. Premium users can contact the team via one-on-one email.

2. Automatic Image Alt Attributes

SEO WordPress Plugins

The best SEO plugin for WordPress is Automatic Image Alt Attributes. This plugin allows your website to automatically add alt attributes to image tags with missing or empty attributes. This is very important for on-page SEO, and the search engine will read a short description of the image you uploaded to the website for it to appear on the image search engine.

3. The SEO Framework

SEO WordPress Plugins

These are the best plugins for users that desire simplicity while providing important functionality. Several unnecessary features were removed from the plugin. The site will be lighter and operate quicker as a result. The plugin is also considered to be the best alternative to Yoast. The plugin is easy to control and convenience. A few color-coded tabs guide you on how near you are to finishing your post and making it search engine compatible. This plugin is perfect for beginners, and the customizable API is perfect for expert users.

There are no premium features with this plugin; you may use anything. It offers without charging anything. We can easily suggest this plugin to any user, especially beginners. You can see how well your post will perform on Google; most SEO parameters are predefined. Despite its simplicity, the plugin promises to perform smarter than all others owing to an incorporated AI.

4. Really Simple SSL

SEO WordPress Plugins

Really Simple SSL will assist you in improving the quality of SEO on your website. Google will prioritize a website with SSL Certificates / HTTPS. Installing the Really Simple SSL plugin to receive free auto SSL on your website. This plugin handles most SSL difficulties on your WordPress site, such as when you’re behind a reverse proxy or load balancer and when no headers are supplied that WordPress can use to identify SSL.

5. All in One SEO Pack

SEO WordPress Plugins

You considered the best Yoast alternative. Since 2007, it has been downloaded over 50 million times. Despite the name, it is simple to use. The plugin may be used right away for beginners, and for advanced users, it offers an API. It is available in 57 languages and is compatible with many other plugins. All in One SEO Pack delivers an almost complete suite for your SEO, with all key features available for free. But they also provide premium features if you want more (most likely for WooCommerce support). You may get all the premium features for $57. A business license costs $97 per year, and an agency license for unlimited sites costs $419. Together with premium features, you will benefit from their excellent customer service.

6. Easy Table Of Contents

Optimizing SEO on your website is advised with Easy Table of Contents. Search engines frequently display items using the phrase “Jump to. “Easy Table of Contents, ” referred to as TOC, provides particular features for on-page SEO optimization for your website. Please see the image above to find the article “Jump to. “This plugin is free, and you should use it to boost on-page SEO.

7. SEO Squirrly

It is the best SEO WordPress plugin for beginners. It offers a complete suite without being complicated. The best feature of this plugin is the ability to include keyword position suggestions as you type with a green highlight. You may now concentrate more on crafting your post without thinking about or remembering the keyword as much. The plugin will guide you through the process until you complete your post and maintain it smoothly. Despite the auto-pilot features of this plugin, you still have complete control over your postings. Use their keyword research to gain an advantage over your competition.

8. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the best caching plugin to speed up the loading of your WordPress site. A website with improved speed would deliver a better user experience. In addition, a site with fast loading improves search results. Google prefers fast websites since not all nations have fast internet connectivity; thus, Google favors fast websites to appear on the top search pages. Conversely, visitors will depart in seconds if they visit a website with a slow loading time. WP Rocket is among the best SEO WordPress Plugins to speed up website loading.

9. Rankmath SEO

Rank Math is a new SEO player. After Yoast, this is among the best SEO WordPress plugins that help you enhance SEO on your website. This plugin includes several search engine-friendly features. Before posting articles on your website, on-page SEO is important. Rank Math helps improve minor details while improving SEO performance on your website. Users like this plugin. Please feel free to give it a try; the basic features are free.

10. Broken Link Checker

A great and useful tiny plugin to complete your WordPress. This plugin supports other SEO plugins that people use by making sure your content remains readable for a very long time. This plugin will scan your site and delete any broken links. Google hates broken links. Broken links result in an error 404 and a less-than-desirable user experience. This will reduce your site’s reputation and cause it to drop in Google search results for your website. It will take some time for the plugin to scan your site. Yet it will complete all of the dirty jobs for you. Every post and page will be checked for broken links, missing photos, and redirects.

The Bottom Line:

These SEO WordPress Plugins are easy to use, with color-coded tabs and easy-to-understand explanations or instructions. Everyone who wants to improve their SEO skills may benefit from the learning curve. Every well-known plugin has a community that will gladly assist you if you require it. All of the communities are robust, with both professionals and beginners. No matter what SEO plugins you use, they will greatly benefit you in the long run. SEO will always be a strong tool for getting your site acknowledged. Both beginners and experts may benefit from SEO plugins. We hope you find the best SEO WordPress plugin for your sites.

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