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What Are Reddit Moons, And How To Earn Them?

Reddit is a successful social media network because it features excellent systems that encourage content creation and participation. The Moons token is one of these systems, which was introduced to reward millions of Reddit users with genuine monetary value for their contributions. You can easily learn how Moons function and obtain some if you’re a Redditor.

What Are Reddit Moons?

Moons are Reddit tokens that users may earn and spend on the social network. They were introduced in May 2020 to compensate millions of Reddit users for their content contributions and reputation. Other incentives for content creation exist on Reddit, most notably Reddit’s Karma credits, which are earned by posting, commenting, or rewards. The monetary value of karma credits was absent. Moons have a market-determined monetary worth. Reddit Moons are ERC-20 tokens on the Arbitrum Nova Layer-2 solution, which enables quick and inexpensive Ethereum transactions.

What’s Reddit Vault?

The vault is an Ethereum wallet that stores Moons. It’s integrated into the Reddit app (available for iOS and Android) and is the primary interface for Reddit users to view their balance and spend their Moons. The alternative route to access Moons is via a computer browser, your vault password, and a push notification on your phone. Vaults function similarly to cryptocurrency wallets, producing a public address for storing Moons and a private key for accessing Moons. If you lose access to your device, Reddit will restore your vault in your account. It also has access to your public address, which is used for incentives.

How Do Reddit Moons Work?

Moon is the official cryptocurrency for the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit and is based on Ethereum. They are designed to work with all applications and assets created on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. They are pseudonymous, which means you don’t know who owns them. Furthermore, they are owned and managed by users, not Reddit, and once earned, no one can take them away.

How Do You Earn Reddit Moons?

Reddit Moons are used to reward high-quality participation on the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. So you earn Moons based on your contribution, available Moons, and a subreddit’s rules. The most efficient approach to earn Moons is to share unique, high-quality content that sparks debates inside a subreddit. People will upvote you as they interact with your posts. The difference between your gross upvotes and downvotes, or net upvotes, determines your karma credits, which decide the Moons you’re awarded.

You may earn Moons by commenting insightfully and meaningfully on other people’s posts and comments and contributing high-quality content. Your overall contribution score is increased by funny, provocative, or smart comments that receive upvotes. Furthermore, the community has agreed on Karma modification rules that might increase the number of Moons you earn. The Moons Wiki has a complete list of modifiers. For example, you may earn twice as many Moons for posting on [Serious] posts, twice for comments, and a 5% bonus for voting in governance polls (determining the subreddit’s direction).

How Are Reddit Moons Distributed?

A system known as “community points” is used to allocate moons. To begin, moderators determine the number of Moons to be awarded for certain activities inside a given subreddit. This means the number of Moons awarded may vary from subreddit to subreddit. Contributions from Redditors inside a particular subreddit are weighted using an algorithm that considers both quality and quantity, and they are awarded a contribution score. The algorithm then distributes Moons based on the percentage of the subreddit contribution score earned by active users. Every 28 days, there is a distribution of Moons. Previously, users had to claim their assets after each round, but the scalability improvement allowed users to collect their Moons automatically as long as their vaults were properly configured.

How Was Moons’ Scalability Issue Solved?

Moons were first built on Ethereum and inherited the blockchain’s scalability issues. The distribution of Moons was a lengthy and inefficient procedure, and users had to claim their tokens regularly. However, everything changed when Reddit implemented Arbitrum Nova, a Layer-2 network intended primarily for gaming and social applications while enhancing the speed and efficiency of Ethereum transactions. Reddit decreased the transaction fees connected with Moons distribution and made it instantaneous with this version. Redditors are no longer required to wait for their Moons. Furthermore, the update enabled batch transactions, making distribution substantially more efficient than previously.

How To Use Reddit Moons?

In the Reddit ecosystem, moons may be used for various things.

Buy Special Memberships – You may spend Moons to purchase a monthly subscription to the r/CryptoCurrency subreddit. This barrier was implemented due to the subreddit’s fast expansion, which attracted underage and inactive members. The paywall charges 1,000 Moons per month, or $5. As a premium member, you may get colorized usernames, loyalty & stylistic badges, animated emoticons, and GIFs in comments.

Boost Poll Answers – Moons can help emphasize popular poll replies. For example, Reddit members may use Moons to upvote posts and comments, which helps magnify the majority of members’ opinions and makes it obvious what’s more useful to the community. The Moon Voting Rounds 15 to 18, which involve a series of polls on the incentive system, are a nice example of this.

Tipping – Moons can be used to tip other providers of content. Like Karma credits, tipped Moons demonstrate gratitude for the time and effort put into generating quality content and encourage additional contributions. Indeed, there is a rising trend known as Moon Farming, in which many professionals abandon their professions to become full-time active contributors with techniques and steady revenue from the cryptocurrency subreddit.

Moons may be swapped for cryptocurrency or fiat currencies outside the Reddit environment using services such as xDai and Honeyswap.

Reddit Moons Burning

Reddit To create inflation, moons are burnt. They are taken out of circulation, ensuring that distribution is not restricted to fresh issuance. They are burned by sending them to a burn address, but they can be reintroduced later for distribution. Moons are burned in two ways: purchasing premium memberships or redeeming moons for Reddit money. They are sent immediately to a burn address when the transaction is initiated. Meanwhile, admins burn moons on your behalf when you pay for premium memberships with cash. The precise number of Moons burnt each month fluctuates according to factors such as activity levels and demand. Furthermore, the burn schedule is always open to change, although it usually occurs in the first few days of each calendar month.


Reddit Moon is one of the greatest instances of how cryptocurrency can be used to extract actual value from our social media contributions. It builds on what Karma credits accomplished to promote content creation and interaction by adding monetary value. Moon’s influence may increase even further now that individuals may earn money by participating in Reddit discussions.

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