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Top Free MP3 Music Download Sites To Try

Where can I get free MP3 music to download? There are a lot of legal places to buy them. Yes, we have come amazingly to share the best sites to download any of your favorite music MP3 for free. This is just a site that directs you to a search for free music download sites. Never leave your place or time vacant without music playing your song, especially if music is the soul of your life. The music you choose reflects how your mind and heart communicate. Thus, live your music by acquiring free MP3 download sites from our page. So, let’s read all the reviews and find some free sites to download MP3 music and listen to it on your devices.

Best Free MP3 Music Download Sites

The best Free MP3 Music Download Sites will be included in this post. But first, let’s look at the best Free MP3 Music Download Sites.

1. My Mixtapez Music (App)

Free MP3 Music Download Sites

My Mixtapez Music is a free MP3 download site worth checking out. It includes all hip-hop mixtapes. For newcomers, this site offers various mixtapes by rappers and the option to enjoy free music downloads offline. Do you know one interesting fact about Mixtapez? There are several changes in arrangement, selection, and listed artists. Through its large promotional function, this site also lets you download music from independent artists and upcoming rappers. My Mixtapez Music is an excellent option to download rap music. This site will keep you updated despite any potential instability.

2. Jamendo Music

Free MP3 Music Download Sites

Where can I get virus-free MP3 music downloads? Did you know Jamendo Music has been delivering free music downloads for many years? Surprisingly, all music downloads available on this page are free and protected by Creative Commons licenses. Essentially, this means the song’s writers don’t object if you pick up their music for personal enjoyment. Jamendo Music has all of the indie music. As a result, if you’re seeking Drake or DJ Khaled, you’ll have to jump to other Free MP3 Music Download Sites.

What does Jamendo Music have to offer? For some music fans and explorers, this site is just a vast location where they may find their favorite music. This site offers free radio stations and playlists that are constantly updated. The best aspect of this site is that once you’ve downloaded a variety of music, you can listen to it offline. Later, you may listen to the music on your iOS, Android, and other devices. To organize them all, you’ll need a music downloader app.

3. SoundClick

Free MP3 Music Download Sites

SoundClick is a good option if you’re looking for a free music download site where artists enable you to download their music through their sites. You have several options: signed, unsigned, independent, and anything in between. In this scenario, SoundClick is a conduit for free music downloads when artists request you do so. This site makes it very easy to search for your favorite music. Search by chart, genre, or artists. Distribute as many samples as you want and download as many as possible.

Isn’t this fantastic? There is also a radio option that allows you to sample your favorite music while doing anything else. However, one thing should be remembered. SoundClick offers both a premium and free version of its content. Some artists’ preferences about whether to offer a paid or free version change occasionally. Before downloading the music, you should check out the version just in case. There is only a portion of the catalogs for artists such as Drake. If you want Drake, jump to another music site, like iTunes or Spotify.

4. SoundCloud

Free MP3 Music Download Sites

Soundcloud is my favorite internet music listening service. This one offers users a free music download library and a free streaming service. Begin your search, and you will quickly find an option to download free music that the artists have enabled. In fact, many artists receive Soundcloud listens from a third party to become popular. Thus, SoundCloud arrives to give you a solution, allowing you to download music with certain restrictions freely. Just make sure you enjoy the music search and exploration.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Do you already have Amazon Music on your phone or computer? If not, consider downloading this free download MP3 songs site to receive your favorite music. The fact that Amazon Music provides a lot of free music downloads is the reason behind this. Furthermore, a free music download area is where you may receive more updated music. Amazon Music is not only one of the best free MP3 music download sites, but it is also an incredible app with new releases from prominent artists such as Blondie, Foo Fighters, Chance the Rapper, Philharmonic Orchestra Bratislava, and Carole King. By checking in, you can still find out more. This music download site also offers classical music and music for concentration. The music streaming service supports this. This makes Amazon a popular streaming service for music downloads.

6. MP3juices.cc


Are you looking for the best site to download MP3 songs? Although the London Police shut down MP3juices in 2014, it is now ready as a streaming-to-download site. This free music download site allows you to search for any music you desire. This site will later transform them into a free music download. There is one thing you must remember if you use this site. When you download music, you are infringing on someone else’s copyright. It’s because the industry is cracking down on the site’s hardcore. As a result, you must receive a nasty letter from your ISP. Avoid downloading Drake or Rihanna in this instance. Search for copyright-free songs which are routinely used for any purpose.

7. ReverbNation


ReverbNation is a free MP3 download site to consider. It undoubtedly includes a huge number of upcoming artists from many genres. This site, like SoundCloud, allows you to stream whatever music you desire. However, you must check to see if the free download is enabled. It would be challenging to put together. To address the problem, find the explore mode.

8. MP3 Music Download Hunter

MP3 Music Download Hunter

Later, consider using MP3 music Download Hunter to free download your favorite music. This app is considered a newbie in the Android app market. However, as a music download site, it shows to be compact. This app contains millions of copyright-free songs you can download whenever you want. However, if you use this app to download music for commercial reasons, you should check with the copyright holder first.

However, if you use this app to download music for personal reasons, you must go looking and begin downloading. MP3 Music Download Hunter is just one of the top free MP3 music download sites that was just added to the Google Play Store. This site allows you to search for and download free music and organize the songs. For offline listening on your mobile phones, there are organizations and storage options accessible. Using this site will not make you concerned about bandwidth prices.

9. Wynk Music

Wynk Music

Wynk Music, believe it or not, is one of the best options for individuals who enjoy listening to MP3 and Hindi songs. In this instance, Wynk Music offers an easy method to find music and an easy way to organize it after downloading. Wynk Music, one of the best free MP3 music download sites on the list, offers a wide selection of free MP3s and music organizing and management. An upgraded premium plan includes streaming and a large variety of options, allowing users to qualify for extended premium trials and the bundled premium option. As a result, make certain that your plan is well-thought-out. You may now happily download Bollywood, Bhangra, Tamil, and Punjabi music, as well as a variety of dialects.

Give your sample, and the dialect selection will provide you with Malayalam, Rajasthani, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati, Telugu, and other dialects. Wynk Music also offers a lot of international and mainstream songs by artists like Coldplay, Jason Derulo, Chainsmokers, and Shakira. Even though they are not the major emphasis, you may download some of these songs here. This fantastic free music download site offers 2.6 million recordings of Indian music in total. Several playlists and a full-brown radio station specializing in Indian music. Other amazing aspects of Wynk Music are the features and a few intriguing options. Ringtones, backgrounds, ringback tones, Chromecast compatibility, and an English language option are among them. In summary, this site has more to offer. Search for any Hindi songs you enjoy and share them with your friends or family.

10. Spinrilla (Site+App)

Best Free Music Download Sites

Spinrilla is a name you’ve probably heard if you like music. It is both a site and an app for downloading music. According to the Google Play Store, it offers over 5 million free music downloads. Spinrilla has a high rating, which means it is an excellent site for free music downloads. It is more focused on supplying hip-hop music. Spinrilla is good, as seen by the four-star ratings and streaming functionality. If you truly want to use this app and download music for free, make sure you connect over Wi-Fi to prevent cellular data charges.

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The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, a few options of the best free MP3 music download sites mentioned above will be extremely useful in guiding you to pick the right one. Find the best site for you and download your favorite music for free. Ensure you read this review thoroughly and check to see if the site is completely free or still charged.

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