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How to Fix Call Recorder Not Working on Android Phone?

Is the call recorder on my Android phone not recording? Here is a simple guide on how to fix Android Call Recorder Not Working. Is the call recorder on your Android device not working? Then I’ll give you some troubleshooting tips to fix the problem in this guide. Also, before that, I talked about some of the most common reasons why the Android call recorder doesn’t work as it should.

Call recording is a very useful feature of smartphones. This feature has always been a part of the OS on Android devices. Even though there are several third-party recording apps, most Android users prefer to use the built-in call recorder app. Calls that have been recorded can often be used as proof in court. Also, recording a call helps you remember what the caller said if it is a work or business call.

Reasons Why Call Recorder Not Recording on Android

If there are bugs in the phone app, the built-in recorder app on Android might not work right. When you install a beta version of Android OS, this is often what happens. For the call recording feature to work, your device must be running Android 9.0 Pie or a later version.

Also, the call recorder app’s features won’t work if it doesn’t have the right permissions. If a country’s law says that recording calls is not allowed, the recording function will not work. Another reason why the Android call recording app might not work is if the Phone app’s cache is full of temporary files.

Best Ways to Fix Call Recorder Not Working on Android

Let’s start troubleshooting and see if these are the best ways to check the problem if your Android Phone Call Recorder isn’t working.

1. Check the Android Version on your Android Device

You must check your Android phone’s settings to make sure it is running Android 9 or a higher device of Android.

1. Open the app for Settings.

2. Tap on System after you find it.

3. Then, tap About. [On some devices, you can tap About and get to the OS version on your own.]

4. Check the version of the Android OS.

Call Recorder Not Working

If your Android device is running Android 8 or an older recording of Android, you won’t be able to call calls on it.

2. Update the Phone App

Google often sends updates to the phone app that comes with Android. You need to check that out in the Play Store and install it.

1. Open the Play Store, then tap on the person’s face in the upper right corner.

2. When the menu comes up, choose Manage Apps and Device.

3. Then tap the “Updates Available” button.

Call Recorder Not Working

4. Check through the list of apps that need to be updated and see if the Phone app is there.

5. If there is an update for the Phone app, press the Update button.

3. Clear Cache of the Phone App

Refreshing the Phone app’s cache will get rid of any useless temporary files it has stored.
Here’s what you need to do.

1. Press and hold the icon for the Phone app.

2. Choose App Info from the quick menu.

3. Then you should tap Storage & Cache.

4.  Tap “Clear Cache.

Call Recorder Not Working

5. Close the phone app and open it again.

4. Restart the Android Device

It could be a glitch that keeps happening for no clear reason. I mean that the voice recorder app was working fine, but now it’s not. In this case, the best thing to do is to restart the device.

1. Press the Android phone’s power button.

2. Click the Restart button.

Call Recorder Not Working

3. After restarting, open the phone app, record a call, and see if it works.

5. Update All Pending App Updates on the Play Store

There could be other buggy apps on the Android device that are getting in the way of the built-in call recorder app. So, make sure to install all the Play Store app updates that are still waiting to be installed.

1. Open the Play Store and tap the Gmail account icon in the top right corner.

2. When the menu comes up, choose Manage Apps and Device.

3. Tap Update All.

4. Try to record a phone call once the update is done. Now, it should work.

6. Enable Call Recording in the Android Accessibility Settings

Is your device running Android 11? Then, you need to use the Accessibility setting to enable on call recording.

1. Open the app for Settings.

2. Navigate to Accessibility Settings.

3. Tap the switch next to Call Recording to turn it on.

7. Go for Third-Party Recording Apps

If other troubleshooting methods don’t work, don’t use the Android app that lets you record calls. Instead, you can get any third-party call recording app from the Play Store. Make sure you only get them from the Google Play Store and not just any website.

Keep in mind that the free versions of most third-party call recording apps are limited in what they can do. Also, recording is only allowed for a certain amount of time. You can only record for a certain number of minutes before you have to buy more time from within the app.

Final Words:

If it is against the law in your country to record a phone call, it is also against the law to try to do so in any other way. On the other hand, if the law in your country lets you record calls but the call recorder on your Android device isn’t working, you can use this guide to fix the problem and start recording calls smoothly. If you have any questions or comments about “How to Fix Call Recorder Not Working on Android?,” feel free to leave them in the box below. If the article helped you, please tell your friends about Tipsblog.org. 

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