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Fix Error Code 16: This Request Was Blocked by Security Rules

How to Fix Error Code 16: This Request Was Blocked by Security Rules. No matter how fast your internet is, it’s only useful if you can access your favorite websites. Some users experience problems like “Access denied time code 16” on their browser despite having high-speed internet and setting several security tools.

When visiting certain websites, the error message “Error code 16 Security rules blocked this request” typically occurs. Users cannot reach the site because of the message, which leads to anger. Several of our readers have sent us texts about error code 16. This request was blocked because of the security rules. So, we’ve chosen to look into what the error message says.

Steps To Fix Error Code 16: The Security Rules blocked this Request.

The security rules have blocked this request, according to error code 16. When the ISP Blocks the site, an error message typically occurs. Antivirus tools and firewalls can sometimes stop the site, which is what causes the error code. The security rules blocked these request rules. So, in this article, we’ll share some of the best methods to fix the “error code the security rules blocked this request.”

1. Check The Date & Time

Error Code 16

Wrong date and time settings on a Windows 10 computer can also cause problems like “error code 16: This request was blocked by the security rules.” This occurs due to a discrepancy between the System clock and the SSL validation date. So, in this method, to fix the error message, you need to check the date and time. Right-click the taskbar and choose “Change the date and time.” Make any necessary changes under the “Date & Time” Settings.

2. Try to visit the website from another device,

If you get Error code 16 while visiting your favorite website, you need to visit the same website using another device. Sometimes your PC needs to be set up right, or a piece of software might be stopping it from connecting to the internet. So, in this method, you must find out if the problem is with the internet or your PC.

So, visit the page from a different device on your network. If you don’t get an error message from another device, you need to check how your computer is set up.

3. Update Your Operating system

Well, Windows is a great operating system, but it has a lot of bugs and problems. Due to an old operating system, the Access refused error code 16 can sometimes show. So, the best thing to do is always keep your system current. Follow the steps below to bring Windows 10 up to date.

Error Code 16

  • Open Settings apps by pressing Windows Key + I
  • On the Settings page, click on the ‘Update & Security’ section
  • There you need to click on ‘Check for updates’

All done! You’re finished. Now, Windows will check for updates automatically and download them while you’re doing other things.

4. Reset Your Web Browser

Reset Your Web Browser

Some browsers, old dates, or wrong settings can also lead to mistakes like “Error code 16: This request was blocked by security rules.” So, in this method, users must to reset their web browsers to fix the error message. Users only need to head to Settings > Advanced Options to reset their Chrome browser. See the “Restore Settings to their original defaults” option under the Advanced Options menu. You need to click “Reset browser settings” there. So, you are finished! After that, restart your web browser to fix the error message.

5. Disable The Antivirus & Firewall

Disable The Antivirus & Firewall


As we’ve already said, Antivirus software and Firewalls sometimes block incoming traffic, which leads to an “error code the security rules blocked this bid.” To fix this, users need to turn off their antivirus software and firewall rules. The taskbar has a button to turn off the antivirus program. Director to the Control Panel and disable the Firewall from the Firewall settings. After that, restart your computer to fix the “error code: the security rules blocked this requested.”

6. Try using a VPN

Error Code 16

We all know that the error code “security rules blocked this request” also occurs when your ISP blocks the site you are trying to visit. So, users need a VPN app to get around certain limits. You can hide your IP address and visit the blocked site with a VPN. To find the best VPN app for Windows, read our article on the best Windows VPNs 2020. VPN also has extra benefits, like encrypting your data and blocking tracking. If the other methods didn’t fix the error message, you must try VPN software.

7. Contact your ISP

Contact your ISP

Most likely, the VPN method described above will fix the “error code 16: This request was stopped by security rules” message that appears in a web browser. You need to contact your Internet service provider (ISP) if you continue to receive the error message “Error code: the security rules blocked these requests.” It would help if you asked your Internet service provider to look into this.

So, these are the best ways to fix “Error code 16 This request was blocked by the security rules” in the web browser. If you know another method to fix the error message, please tell us in the box below.


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