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How To Fix Easily AirPods Case Flashing Green?

Did you notice the green flashing on your AirPods case as you were going to listen to your favorite music or podcast? When this strange situation occurs, you may notice that you cannot connect your AirPods to your iPhone or other devices. Unfortunately, there needs to be a formal explanation for why this occurs or what it signifies. But one or both of your AirPods aren’t detected by your case, and there are likely firmware issues. Therefore, let’s review some possible fixes you may attempt when your AirPods case flashes green.

How To Fix Easily AirPods Case Flashing Green?

Remove And Reinsert AirPods Into The Case

Switch off Bluetooth on the device you intend to use your AirPods with. After that, remove your AirPods from the case and put them back. Then, close the case and wait a moment before reopening it to check whether the light returns to a normal, static green.

Reset AirPods

Resetting your AirPods is the next solution. The technique consists simply of uninstalling them from your linked device. Other settings on that device will not be affected. Resetting your AirPods fixes most issues, so it’s worth a try when they’re flashing green.

Charge AirPods

If none of the preceding techniques work, put your AirPods back in their case and plug them in to charge them correctly. A low battery might also be a reason for identification failure. Developing excellent practices to manage the battery health of your AirPods can assist in assuring maximum performance and prevent your accessory’s lifespan from declining soon.

Clean AirPods

Dirt, wax, and sweat adhering to your AirPods over time are normal. As you put the earphones back into the case, filth eventually builds up. Dirty AirPods can create identification issues, resulting in the green flashing of the AirPods case. There are safe methods to clean your AirPods, so carefully follow the directions. Poking about inside the case might harm the contact points. Remember that your AirPods are not waterproof, so never wash them!

Update AirPods Firmware

Firmware upgrades are often performed automatically when your AirPods are linked to an Apple device. But, if your AirPods case is still flashing green, the last solution is to check if you’re on the latest version and, if not, upgrade your AirPods firmware.

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Due to connectivity and detection issues between the AirPods and the case itself, your AirPods case is most likely flashing green. A less likely, but still possible, reason needs to be updated firmware. If it’s just a random glitch, using one of the troubleshooting procedures above should help you address the issue fast. Nevertheless, if the issue persists and you cannot use your AirPods normally, you should contact Apple Help or a reputable repair shop.

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